Recording Notes
Ozzie Smith
& Prod. Notes
Recording Date: 2/4/05 @ Ozzie’s house in Missouri.
Song: Cupid by Sam Cooke
You want to talk about an honor?! How about recording Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith in his own house?! You couldn’t have met a more decent, kind man than the Wizard. We set up the studio in his memorabilia room. You wouldn’t believe the feeling of being surrounded by 13 gold gloves, too many trophies to count, and his Hall of Fame pictures. And what a true pro he was in front of the microphone. He sang Cupid w. finesse; a solid vocal performance. I really think I made him do so many takes because I just didn’t want the session to end! It should be noted that as we were driving away, Ozzie ran out the door & summoned us back into his house to check out his collection of World Series & MVP rings. What an amazing thrill & unforgettable experience.
It was a total rush to work with such a professional group of athletes and all-around great human beings. I was a bit nervous before the recording sessions started since so much press has focused on difficult personalities of athletes.  All the players that participated on this project exemplified just the opposite.  Each was respectful of everyone's time, were hospitable to my crew, and were accommodating in those moments when I switched from music producer to baseball fan.  Even though all our participating players have strong backgrounds and/or interest in music it was clear that their #1 focus was preparing for the '05 baseball season (except for Ozzie, of course). 

With this in mind, we did our best to take as little of their time as possible and to record them before the start of Spring Training.  This was accomplished by taking our portable studio to the players' homes or booking local studios close to their off-season locations.  The guys were on time and it was obvious that they had prepared for their sessions.  We were able to record most of the guys in 3 - 4 hours which is really incredible!  It's clear that what makes these guys the pros they are is the disciplined manner in which they approach everything they do, both on and off the field. 

A final observation is how absolutely down-to-earth all the guys were.  We're talking about a Hall-of-Famer, 2 World Series ring holders, All-stars, etc. and they all make you feel like you're talking to your homeboy you've known forever.  They personify all that's good about our national past time.

- Scott Schorr, Producer of "Oh Say Can You Sing?"
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