Recording Notes
Ben Broussard
Matt Ginter
Ozzie Smith
& Prod. Notes
Recording Date: 1/30/05 @ Ben’s house in Texas
Song: With or Without You by U2
Ben & I actually had become friends by talking on the phone a lot about music & surfing. He had sent me some of his original songs which truly blew me away. We were making plans to record his solo record after the MLB session. This guy could become a very successful, singer-songwriter. Anyways, Ben was a bit sick but still nailed the vocals on With or Without You. He really captured the feel of the track without copying Bono. He also put down a solid rhythm guitar part. His wife was a big supporter of Ben’s love for music & enjoyed seeing how our studio worked. These were two very kind people who I really enjoyed getting to know. On a side note, Coco Crisp had told me that Ben was amazing at beat-boxing. Let me tell you…I had NEVER heard anything like what I was hearing coming out of Ben’s mouth. This was by far, the best beat-boxing I had ever heard. It should be noted that I rushed Ben in front of the mic. to do some beat-boxing on Coco’s song.
Recording Date: 2/2/05 @ Shangri-La Studios in Kentucky
Song: Dooley by The Dillards
OK boys & girls, get ready for a true Southern, bluegrass fest! Matt and his banjo were joined by his brother, David on acoustic guitar & vocals and Dale on mandolin. These boys were packin’ some southern spirit & fun & were immediately likeable. The session turned into a bit of a party (I learned that Kentucky was the home of the best bourbon in the world!) I first made them try and do takes of the song without vocals. It was messing them up as they were use to performing the track w. vocals. So, we set up a mic. & it was an all-out jamboree. I wanted to whip out a jug and washboard & jump in! Seriously, we had great fun and after the recording, Matt told some great baseball stories. What an awesome dude. The next day, he invited me to hit some batting practice off his wicked pitches. One of the most memorable moments of my life.


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