Recording Notes
Scott Linebrink
Kelly Wunsch
Ben Broussard
Matt Ginter
Ozzie Smith
& Prod. Notes
Recording Date: 1/28/05 @ David Murray Productions in Texas
Song: Wave on Wave by Pat Green
Scott came with his wife and cousin. These people were total Texas folk. Cool, happy & sincere. Scott’s vocals were right on. He had no idea what a great singer he was! He also knew the song well from being friends w. Pat Green. After tracking Scott’s guitar, we moved into the control room & laughed our butts off. Again, another great group of individuals we couldhave spent more time with. We talked of hunting & the crazy meats these guys ate. They actually invited us over for homemade deer sausage. Was bummed that our recording schedule didn’t allow us any free time. Scott was a real music enthusiast & Stevie Ray Vaughn fanatic.
Recording Date: 1/29/05 @ David Murray Productions in Texas
Song: Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp
Had heard through the grapevine that Kelly was an outstanding vocalist. When he entered the studio accompanied by his wife, Kelly expressed he was bummed about how his throat felt. He had been in a bar the night prior & was subject to a smoky environment. When he first stepped in front of the mic., his voice was cracking a lot. We were questioning if he could continue. But, the more he sang, the better he got. Man, he eventually lived up to his reputation and gave us some killer takes! This was followed by some cool electric guitar work. Kelly & his wife were totally cool and possessed that southern charm. Kelly was a total pro who came through and gave us a tremendous performance.


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