Recording Notes
Jimmy Rollins
Aubrey Huff
Scott Linebrink
Kelly Wunsch
Ben Broussard
Matt Ginter
Ozzie Smith
& Prod. Notes
Recording Date: 1/22/05 @ Jimmy’s condo in Florida
Song: Original hip-hop track, Wish List
Jimmy’s the real deal. And talk about cool…Growing up in Oakland, he’s surrounded himself w. hip-hop & it showed. His team at the recording consisted of his cousins, Profit & Marcel. Just a really cool group of talented individuals. These guys did an A+ job on the track and Jimmy had a great personality & his lyrics were totally creative. He ripped through his vocal tracking w. ease and flow. We exchanged music & I was very impressed w. the quality of artists Profit & Marcel had assembled. An incredibly fun & musically inspired session.
Recording Date: 1/25/05 @ Aubrey’s house in Florida
Song: Letters from Home by John Michael Montgomery
As I was setting up my studio in Aubrey’s memorabilia room, I heard the song he selected coming from down his hallway. It was weird, however, because the vocals were overriding the track. I walked down the hall & saw it was Aubrey singing to the song. This guy had a killer voice! Recording his vocals was flawless & took very little time. My impression after hanging w. Aubrey & his friend was that these were the kind of guys you’d have a blast w. pounding beers at the local pub. Aubrey was funny, cool, candid & hard-core.


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