Recording Notes
Here are notes taken from the diary of Producer, Scott Schorr. They are listed in order of recording dates…
Omar Vizquel
Coco Crisp
Sean Casey
Jeff Conine
Jimmy Rollins
Aubrey Huff
Scott Linebrink
Kelly Wunsch
Ben Broussard
Matt Ginter
Ozzie Smith
& Prod. Notes
Recording Date: 1/7/05 @ Omar’s house in Washington state
Song: Broadway by the Goo Goo Dolls
First recording session ever for Good Sports Recordings. Omar was excited to start the process. Super cool guy w. a lot of energy. Had his red, Ludwig drum kit set up in his garage. Omar had rhythm & knew the song well. After tracking drums, he jammed on his timbales to a Latin track. Recording the vocals, he was comfortable with the song & put down some great takes. Lining the walls of Omar’s garage were these killer paintings. When we found out that Omar was the artist of these works, we were blown away. It was unusual that such dark and brooding art could come from such an upbeat guy. He also showed us his sculptures and drawings. Amazing. All in all, a near perfect session which couldn’t have started this project out any better.
Recording Date: 1/11/05 @ Coco’s house in California
Song: Original hip-hop track, We Got That Thing
Whenever I’d mention Coco as participating on the CD, it would universally put a smile on people’s face. The overall reaction (besides him having the best name in baseball) was that Coco was a cool character. This was confirmed during the recording session - zero hint of ego, laid back & soft spoken. Once the mic. was turned on, Coco had a natural flow. Great lyrics with a mellow delivery. We were satisfied after numerous takes but he wanted to keep going. He really wanted to get it perfect & he nailed it. It was a lot of pressure for him to write an original track where the lyrics would pass the stringent test of Major League Baseball. But he totally pulled it off without a hint of corniness. Great session.

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