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Off the Diamond, Baseball Players Carry a Tune
By Melissa Block
Posted September 26, 2005

We measure greatness in baseball by the numbers: home runs, strikeouts, stolen bases. But how about ability to carry a tune? A new CD showcases Major League Baseball players singing. Some also play drums, banjo or guitar.

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Casey to sign music CD
Proceeds to benefit Hurricane Katrina relief effort
Posted September 4, 2005

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Sean Casey will sign copies of the Oh Say Can You Sing CD prior to Tuesday's 7:10 p.m. game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

• Tiger's Magazine
Pickin' In The Pen
By Melissa Walters
Posted Summer 2005

This season, Good Sports Recordings has created a compilation CD with major league baseball players singing or accompanying their favorite songs. Ginter picks the banjo on his rendition of "Dooley" by The Dillards.

"When I was in New York, newspapers wrote a couple of stories about me playing the banjo," Ginter said. "Scott Schorr, who produced the CD saw the articles or talked to other people that heard I played. He called media relations and got a hold of me. I said "sure I'll do it, no problem."

The song was recorded at a studio in Lexington, Kentucky...

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Omar Vizquel Sings!
By Aneel Trivedir
Posted June 27, 2005
Recently, I was given the opportunity to check out a new CD, produced by Scott Schorr, called "Oh Say Can You Sing?", which contains eleven songs performed by major league ball players. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical, and thought this would be baseball's version of Shaq or Allen Iverson's attempt to cross over into the music world; self-serving and embarrassing. But when I read about the project, and listened to the album, I realized that I was entirely wrong. Not only are these guys pretty good, but there's no ego involved at all! A portion of the proceeds even goes to each player's favorite charity (which goes a long way with me)...
• The Mercury News
Indians' Broussard has another talent
By Tom Reed, Knight Ridder Newspaper
Posted June 23, 2005
CLEVELAND - (KRT) - Ben Broussard cherished his weekend doubleheaders at McNeese State University.

He played baseball all afternoon for the Cowboys and guitar all night for a band called Money.

The Indians' first baseman/recording artist gets to relive the thrill of performing on multiple stages tonight at Jacobs Field.
• Gaslamp Ball
Gaslamp Ball AV Club: Oh Say Can You Sing?
By teemcee
Posted June 13, 2005
Solely upon Dex's recommendation, I purchased my own copy of the "Oh, Say Can You Sing?" CD via the internet, since driving 350 miles to buy one at the Padres store seemed silly.

The CD arrived on Thursday and it hasn't been out of my CD player yet!  It's that good!

Mind you, I've been sucked into many a charity project and, after plunking down my cash and receiving said product, I've wondered to myself, "What were they thinking?" or more likely, "What was I thinking?"  To say I was pleasantly surprised by this project would be an understatement...
• Gameday Magazine
Baseball players show musical talent on charity CD
By Thomas Crone
Published Spring 2005
Unquestionably, he's the most famous of the 11 players who perform on the new compact disc "Oh Say Can You Sing?: Music Recordings by Major League Players". But that doesn't mean recording a version of Sam Cooke's "Cupid" was easy for Ozzie Smith...
• Happenings Magazine
Tribe players create hits off the field as well as new CD
By Zachary Dzwick
Published May 18, 2005
With batting practice and meetings finished, the Indians players began to gather in the clubhouse to prepare for their game Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays. Alex Cora made his way to the stereo to get some music flowing. Before he could make a selection, Casey Blake already had a request.

"Put in Coco. Put in Coco."...

• Hawaii Island Journal
Major League Baseball Players: “Oh Say Can You Sing?” Published Spring 2005
Athletes performing music is not a new idea. Shaquille O'Neal has released best-selling rap albums, Oscar DeLa Hoya fancies himself an R&B singer, Yankees' centerfielder Bernie Williams has an already established career as a classical and New Age acoustic guitarist awaiting his baseball retirement, former NBA standout Wayman Tisdale is a respected jazz fusion bass guitarist and former Chicago White Sox ace “Black Jack” McDowell is the lead singer and guitarist for indie rock band Stickfigure.

But most marriages of sports and music have been cheesy, campy and downright stinky. That includes O'Neal, despite his sales figures (I might not have mentioned that except I'm pretty sure Shaq Daddy doesn't read HIJ), and does anyone remember “The Super Bowl Shuffle?” As a rap group, the 1985 Chicago Bears were an incredible football team.

Scott Schorr of Ninole, who produced both of Living in Question's albums, is hoping to change that with “Oh Say Can You Sing?” ...
• Tribune-Herald
Baseball big leaguers lend their vooices to CD/DVD compilations
By John Burnett, Tribune-Herald
Published Spring 2005
Imagine Major League Baseball players singing cover copies of pop, R&B and country hits. Of course, you're thinking late night infomercials with a high-volume, high-pitch voice-over announcer shilling "Call now! Operators are standing by!"

Ninole resident and indeoendent record producer Scott Schorr is counting on his talent - and the musical talent of 10 big leaguers and one Hall of Famer to dispel the K-Tel image that comes to mind when you think of jock rock...

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